Making Your Companies’ Facts and Figures Actually Usable

Emory’s Health Sciences enterprise is getting big. How do you take pedestrian information and make it usable?


Take a look at how we put together our Facts and Figures:

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Embedding Video to Help Tell the Medical Research Story

Remember when video news releases were a vital part of medical communications? I used to manage the JAMA Report for a decade, a weekly video for TV stations to use on a top story from the esteemed weekly journal. They got alot of play when they were useful to reporters (i.e., well produced, truthful, with good sound bites from experts)  to help tell a story on the latest research.

Now, thanks to advanced technology and talented staff, Emory Health Sciences staff are now producing what we call “Medical Horizon,” video produced for news media and various websites to showcase newsworthy biomedical innovation at Emory.

It is pretty simple. Take a look at what the Orlando Sentinel did with our video, which was in picked up by the Los Angeles Times, who added to their online news story on our research.,0,2945755.story

We embedded easy access to the video in a news release. We also sent the video electronically to ABC News and they used it as well. We are providing this video to scores of media and also using for the health enterprise.  Just another way to provide great medical content from a trusted source that is useful to a reader or viewer.

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Transplant from Coach to Player: Emory Doctors Give a Baseball Player New Life

Audio of Emory Kidney Transplant Press Conference

Emory doctors perform a kidney transplant on Feb. 7, 2011, by taking a wonderful gift from Wake Forest Baseball Coach Tom Walter and providing it to rising baseball freshman Kevin Jordan – drafted recently by the New York Yankees.

Read some great stories here from news outlets and from the Emory Health website:

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Mix a massive ice storm with a great photog and presto! an Emory picture for the ages….

What happens when Atlanta gets an ice storm of the decade? Create art for your website and pubs!

Thanks to our great photographer Jack Kearse for getting up early during a massive ice storm and shooting this pic at sunrise.

Emory's School of Medicine at Daylight

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How to Promote Good Deeds from your Medical Institution

Many “community benefits” publications get boring because they don’t really tell stories to illustrate good deeds – free care, research, education, etc. Take a look at what our publications group has done to tell vivid stories in great writing and pictures – and then provide the financial information to create our 2010 Community Benefits Report from Emory’s Woodruff Health Sciences Center. It is worth taking a look at and gleaning some of their examples. Really shows to a legislator, regulator, donor, reporter, peer, the public, patients, etc., what an economic engine an academic health/medical center is.

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Why Twitter matters for media organisations – Good Advice from the London Guardian editor

A very useful article that puts the value of Twitter into perspective. A good read for our business:

Also, a nifty little article on best newsrooms on Twitter:

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Koop – a communications innovator at 95 – says stay vigilant on AIDS

C. Everett Koop, one of our time’s greatest communications innovators, is getting frail at 95. But in this Washington Post story on his latest talk at the National Press Club, he says to never, never, never give up. That is what a great communicator does. He is one for the ages.

I was fortunate to work with him twice – once in a rather confrontational news briefing in 1984 when I was at the American Academy of Pediatrics and he was against us on the ‘Baby Doe’ regs (critically ill newborns/futile care) — and another more pleasant time when he helped JAMA publish a violence theme issue and we hosted a news conference with him at the National Press Club. This story puts his life in pretty good perspective.

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Harvey Phillips: A Great Musician and Innovator

Tribute to Harvey Phillips

Harvey just died last month in Bloomington at his home – TubaRanch. A great musician who taught at IU School of Music for years and knew public relations and what it could do better than anyone I’ve known. He knew how to create a hook and get media coverage. Big coverage year after year.  Had the privilege to write about him and know him as a friend. He was a walking soundbite, but he loved the story he told. See ya, Harvey.

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Communicating research progress to 18,000 health pros – Your Employees

Here’s a useful example from Emory on how to communicate research progress internally. We are a big biomedical research enterprise now. But how do you make sure your employees know and pat them on the back for their good work? Put together a special edition of your monthly internal e-newsletter to them to inform and educate them about research progress and accomplishments – and let the know where the institution is going.

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Telling the President Carter-Emory Story: Eradicating Guinea Worm, Educating Students

Here are a couple of stories we had the privilege of doing recently with former President and Emory Distinguished faculty member Jimmy Carter. One is on his quest to rid the world of the guinea worm and the health toll it takes. Another is with his passion for speaking to Emory students over the past 30 years. And be sure to check out the interesting videos included here that let President Carter say in his own words what he wanted to accomplish after he left the White House, what he has done to improve global health, and his cherished relationship with Emory. Our group did a great job to bring Carter’s latest health accomplishment to life in words, photos and video.

President Carter, Jeff Molter

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