Plan Now to Live Through a Crisis Later

http://bit.ly/n9Qmn9 No one expects to wake up to a crisis. But they do happen, and they can happen to you and your organization. Never fool yourself. They can happen in New York City; Dekalb, Illinois; Blacksburg, Virginia; or Durham, North Carolina. ┬áHere’s an excerpt from a book chapter I recently wrote on health crisis communications. […]

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Social Media’s Evolving Role in HealthCare

An interesting article by Wendy Lynch. Describes how hand-held devices can help epidemiologists and may be able to assist in quickening the pace of medical research. http://bit.ly/ozt9qJ


Team Spirit Builds a Winning Mentality

http://www.thenational.ae/thenationalconversation/industry-insights/economics/team-spirit-builds-a-winning-mentality   This is a very sharp oped written by my friend Sanyin Siang from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and the brains behind the Coach K Leadership Conference — ties in Coach K’s philosophy of business with how he runs his basketball team. Very insightful reading and germane to today’s business climate.