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Words To Live By for a Communications Professional

When I was in Washington recently, I had the good fortune to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Remarkable man but even a more remarkable person who knew how to lead in great times of strife and deal with not-so-nice people. What struck me was one particular quote etched on a nearby wall that […]

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My new adventure: Principal, Communications & Social Marketing, Health Programs, American Institute for Research

In January 2012, I was appointed as a principal, comms and social marketing in Health Programs, for the American Institutes for Research. This 65-year old firm (they developed the MCATs), based in Wash DC, has $300 million in revenues, 1600 people in 31 offices worldwide, and does an amazing amount of work in health, education, […]

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Book Party for Best Practices in Health Communications

  My book chapter on crisis communications (a case study of the Duke Hospital Organ Transplant Mismatch) is included in this college textbook (chapter 7); you can access by going to:  …. I recommend you also get the book and read chapter 6 – great branding strategy at Children’s Hospital of Boston….Health Industry Communication […]

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Plan Now to Live Through a Crisis Later No one expects to wake up to a crisis. But they do happen, and they can happen to you and your organization. Never fool yourself. They can happen in New York City; Dekalb, Illinois; Blacksburg, Virginia; or Durham, North Carolina.  Here’s an excerpt from a book chapter I recently wrote on health crisis communications. […]

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