Demand Creation: Looking for the Ability to Supply Needed Marcomm Outcomes for Success

As we live in a world where marketing and communications are blended into integrated strategic communications for most organizations, it is important to remember that for all this to work – everyone has to be able to play in the ‘same sandbox.’ Sounds easy, but it is not. History has shown this to be true in several outfits. As more companies, especially health organizations and health groups, look at their SWOT analyses – it is important to note what marketing, pr, social media, and owned media can all bring to the table together is the recipe for success and achievement. When an organization asks about what kind of outcomes they are looking for, if these groups are not working together, no amount of time or money will help the organization get what it needs (nor will the consumer/patient).

The chart to use with your marcomm group: marcommchart

So the next time a group of marcomm professionals gathers to find out what the organization needs and what those individuals can do to fulfill those needs, look at the following chart marcommchart to see if everyone in the group knows what it ‘owns,’ what it is responsible for, and what it is willing to do to share/trade/contribute content to help others with what they are doing and help them succeed on behalf of the organization. Otherwise, watch the competition surpass you and serve their customers/consumers/patients/news media/other stakeholders better. Seems so simple – but this chart should start the conversation to help enhance what you have and how to make it work better and more efficiently, or realize your organization has a non-integrated marketing communications program – and that you need to fix this now.






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