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Social Media’s Evolving Role in HealthCare

An interesting article by Wendy Lynch. Describes how hand-held devices can help epidemiologists and may be able to assist in quickening the pace of medical research.


What Makes a Good Medical Story: 10 Rules to Remember

  In the medical communications business, communicating health information to the public is important – but also a responsibility to all involved to make certain that reader or viewer gets the “whole” story. Doesn’t happen that often. ┬áPlease read this post; it tells everyone in our business (and the public) how to decipher medical research […]

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Team Spirit Builds a Winning Mentality   This is a very sharp oped written by my friend Sanyin Siang from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and the brains behind the Coach K Leadership Conference — ties in Coach K’s philosophy of business with how he runs his basketball team. Very insightful reading and germane to today’s business climate.